I have writer’s block.

Writer’s block happens to everyone, even amazing writers like me who find it super easy to write. Here are some things you can try when writer’s block is the only thing stopping you from getting a fourth post up on your blog, or whatever.

Five Fixes For Writer’s Block*

1. Visualize success

You’ll be energized and motivated if you think about how great it will feel when you’ve completed your blog post. Or even part of a blog post. Or a paragraph. Or a sentence. Yep, that’s how bad it is, even a full sentence is a struggle right now. You are a lost cause. Oh, but you’re going to feel great when you’re done! And your work will be amazing! People will love it! You’ll probably get famous and make lots of money off your writing! You’ll be so inspiring that Oprah will bring back her show just to interview you! You’re going to get honorary degrees from, like, every University in the world! Ok, good, now scale it back a little.

2. Come up with a reward system

Is the satisfaction of completing a goal not enough for you? Me neither. Come up with a way to reward yourself for finishing your post. This can be anything – cake, brownies, chocolate bars, Oreos, these unreal Oreo Truffles a coworker forced me to eat, any kind of ice cream, ice cream on top of brownies, Oreos on top of ice cream on top of brownies, or gin. Later, while you’re feeling a little fragile from berating yourself for your inability to put words on a page, completely lose self control and go ahead and reward yourself before you’re done. This will distract you from finishing, but you’ll feel better. And then a little worse. But momentarily better.

3. Get some exercise 

You just ate a lot of Oreos and you’re still not done writing, so you should probably go out and get that heart pumping. Not only is it good for your health, but exercise is also proven to help with writer’s block in some studies that I was too lazy to source and link to (even though I wasn’t too lazy to link to that Oreo Truffle recipe). At the very least, exercise will help keep you healthier for longer and extend your lifespan, giving you more time on this earth to try to complete that one blog post that you’re trying to write.

4. Find a different place to write

You thought writing in bed would be a good idea until you bored yourself to sleep. Try writing somewhere else. Pack up your laptop and head to the coffee shop, where you can get keyed up on caffeine and put your self-sabotage into overdrive in the presence of other people (who are likely at their own computers also wondering why they bother trying). If the coffee shop is not your scene, try the library, or a seedy motel, or the back of a pickup truck that’s speeding down the highway. Everyone has their own process. See what works for you.


It can be anything – a haiku about your flaccid word-muscle (there’s your first five), an essay about your favorite pen, an e-mail to your scuba instructor, a text to your mom that’s really just a ploy for attention, a grocery list because you’re out of dessert foods, or a short list of ways to do something. Just type some words, or even just random letters in nonsensical sequence, and eventually your creativity will catch on. Before you know it, you’ll be napping in bed with Oreo crumbs on your chin and a smile on your face because you wrote.

*disclaimer: these suggestions will probably not fix your writer’s block

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