Hi there! I’m writing a novel, and in case you hadn’t heard, it’s super hard (even if you’ve been working toward it since you could hold a pencil).

When I was just a kid growing up in rural New England with an imagination and a word processor, I wrote a novella about four teenage girls who embark on a treasure hunt while summering at a ranch in Oregon. A pioneer of self-publishing, I “bound” it in a report cover and made everyone read it at my best friend’s pool party. Now I’m a thirty-*muffled*-year-old living in Boston, holding an M.A. in literature and an unrelated day job, writing this blog about my efforts to write a real book (and everything I’m doing instead).

Welcome to the pool party.

For lots more about me, check out my first post: I would write a book but it’s super easy not to






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