I’m Lovesick.

When I say “lovesick” I mean I’m sick on Valentine’s Day. If you think about it, it’s pretty romantic, because I caught the cold from my Valentine, my future-husband, who has been sick all week (awwwwww).

So, today, instead of working on my novel, I put together this lovesick playlist in tribute to my romantic cold.

Track 1: I Just Called to Say God-bless-you

Track 2: The Power of VapoRub™

Track 3: Dream Sneezer

Track 4: Can’t Help Falling Asleep

Track 5: I Want to Know What Health Is

Track 6: (Phlegm is) Thicker Than Water

Track 7: Fever

Track 8: Crazy Little Nose That’s Stuffed

Track 9: Crazy in Puffs™

Track 10: Because You Loved Me (Now I’m Sick)

Track 11: Drip From a Nose

Track 12: I Will Always AH-CHOO

Track 13: P.S. A Tissue

Track 14: Make You Chamomile My Love

Track 15: Bad Case of Cold and Flu

Track 16: Endless Bug

Track 17: Feeling Hot Cold Hot

Track 18: Baby I Plug Your Airway

Track 19: What’s My Strain

Track 20: Cough Drop! In The Name of Love

Bonus Track: Oh My Darling, Quarantine

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