errbody in book club gettin’ Litsy.

*Note: I am super proud of this title.

“Hey, what’s another way I can avoid writing,” you ask? Oh, I have the best thing for you. It only took me five minutes to become slightly obsessed with a bookish app called Litsy. Go get it! Let’s be friends!

Launched last year, Litsy offers the book sharing, searching, and organizing features of Goodreads, plus a user interface and photo posting feature that’s reminiscent of Instagram (I guess the app name “Goodbookstagram” would have been less catchy). I’m not using Litsy in place of Goodreads or Instagram, but rather as supplement (more procrastination possible this way!).

For instance, if you’re a huge fan of taking pictures of your books next to your breakfast or your cat or your beach chair, you need this app immediately. If you often read a line that you’d love to share, this app is the perfect place to do that. If you’re competitive and want to earn bookish credits (kind of like Book It! but sadly sans the free pizza) you will find this app very satisfying. If you are desperately trying to avoid working on your novel, you will fall madly in love with this app.

Litsy is streamlined and easy to figure out how to use. Downsides? Mainly, you may not find many friends already using it, since it hasn’t really taken off yet. But that is all the more reason you should join. Come find me (novelexcuses). Or, if you’re still not sold, read Book Riot‘s breakdown of app features (and then come find me). I’ll be the one not working on my novel, because PICTURES OF CATS AND BOOKS, GUYS!

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